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Dear Friend,

My new book "The Awakening Course - The Secret To Solving All Problems" has just been released and I want to ethically "Bribe" you to buy a copy TODAY.

If you scroll down this page you're going to see an amazing collection of books, audio's and videos hand picked to accelerate your success - no matter what path you're on.

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Why am I doing this?

There are so many books being released these days it's easy to get lost in the shuffle.

And I'm proud of this book. I poured my heart and soul into writing it and I want it to reach as many people as possible.

It contains new information that will help people who are struggling to find answers in their life.

And so I'm doing something OUTRAGEOUS to help things along.

I asked my friends to offer you some of their BEST training material for FREE as a favor to me - to tip the scales and make buying my new book a "no brainer".

And they came through - to your benefit (as you'll see when you look at the incredible quality and value of the programs below).

What are you searching for in your life?

Do you want more money? A better job?Freedom to travel or pursue your passion? Peace of mind? To heal your body? More love and romance in your life?

The answers you seek are on this page.

And my new book is a wonderful place to start.

THE AWAKENING COURSE builds on everything I've written and spoken about in the past and takes you to a new level of personal and professional transcendence. I explain how each stage of awakening can change your outlook on life.

The book explains the stages of awakening as:

  • Victimhood – How to take responsibility for life’s experiences – good or bad – and how to move past them
  • Empowerment – How to send a positive message into the world
  • Surrender – How to push aside the instinct to be controlling of every aspect of life and surrender to a higher power of direction
  • Awakening - The final stage is an awakening to what's possible in life with a complete mind, body and spiritual transformation

- - -

"This exciting and empowering book guides one and all through the exhilarating process of awakening. Not to be missed."

Sonia Choquette, New York Times bestselling author of The Answer Is Simple

- - -

"I love how Joe easily explains the stages of awakening and offers practical ways to experience them. This is an enlightening book."

John Gray, author of Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus

- - -

"I know Joe Vitale and love this book. It provides solutions to our problems by awakening to the stage above them. He's brilliant!"

Debbie Ford, author of The Dark Side of the Light Chasers

- - -

THE AWAKENING COURSE gives you a proven step-by-step approach for finding and achieving goals with insights such as:

  • What it means to awakened and why it’s so important
  • How to discover new perspectives on money, role models, and the power of unconscious
  • Tips on re-stating complaints into positive life-changing intentions, and turn fears into a catalyst for success
  • Five steps for attracting anything or anyone into one’s life
  • Ways to turn fears into the driving force behind your success

In addition to my book - the other gifts offered here will allow you to make rapid progress in all areas of your life - from business success to personal relationships, healing, your spiritual journey, and much more.

Opportunities like this don't come along every day...

Where else can you spend less than $20 and receive almost $2,000 worth of valuable training, inspiration and information - all selected to help you move closer to your goals, dreams and aspirations?

(By the way, if you don't absolutely love the book, they'll REFUND EVERY DIME. You keep the ALL the free bonuses as my gift for your trouble.)

Go ahead and order your copy of THE AWAKENING COURSE today - fill out the form at the bottom of this page - then claim and enjoy ALL these gifts while they are still available.



Here Are the FREE Gifts Available to You Immediately After Buying A Copy Of My New Book...

Which of these are the perfect next step in your journey?

You Can Attract It: Using the Law Of Attraction to Get What You Want!

Nan Akasha

Written by Steve G. Jones and Frank Mangano. Foreward by John Assaraf

"This book shows you clearly how to unlock the incredible potential that lies within you."

--Brian Tracy, author of Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life

"You Can Attract It exposes and may remind you of the knowledge of the sages and more. It will make many of today's problems that seem daunting crumble underneath the ingenuity of this tool. "

--Jeraldine Saunders, Creator of The Love Boat TV Series

In "You Can Attract It", Authors Steve G. Jones and Frank Mangano provide a lifestyle program that contains multiple tools for the proper application of the Law of Attraction.

From simple lifestyle changes to hypnosis exercises to six step-by-step instructions for bringing people and events into your life, You Can Attract It's combination of methods are scientifically proven to work. And if scientific proof is not enough, see how both authors have changed their lives with this program by learning, living, and mastering it. Delve into the pages and prepare to attract health, wealth, love or anything else you desire. Experience the life you truly deserve.

Forward by John Assaraf.

VALUE: $47

FREE With Purchase of "The Awakening Course" from:

Amazon | Barnes & Noble

Mind Power Evolution Kit

6 Free Mind MoviesFor 10 years, a team carried out advanced mind power research.

Access their 'World First' secrets today in 'Mind Surge: The Consciousness Revolution'...

Plus you'll get 22 Powerful Tools to Transform your Fear...The Garden of Enlightenment BWE audio......and 2 revolutionary Dream Programming audios.

VALUE: $110

FREE With Purchase of "The Awakening Course" from:

Amazon | Barnes & Noble

"The Easiest Way" to Peaceful Relationships, Wealth, and Success With Mabel Katz...

Mabel Katz - 8 Week Success Course

You Get ALL This for FREE...

8-Week Series about life changing experiences
8 podcasts with over 10 hours of Ho’oponopono on everything from cleaning, taking care of yourself, to laughing with your inner child.

Series includes Special Guests:

  • “The Secrets to be Successful” with Dr. Ihaleakalá Hew Len
  • “New Tools for Cleanup and Closure” with Kamailelauli'i
  • “How to Take Good Care of Ourselves and Overcome Emotional Eating” with Tricia Greaves
  • “HA" is the Perfect Breath. If You are Breathing, You are Present, and if You are Present you are Pleasant.” Learn to laugh more with Cyrus Ontiki
  • "Can We Love Others If We Don't Love Ourselves?" "How to Find the Perfect Relationship" with Mana
  • "The Easiest Way to Success" with Mabel Katz (includes interactive e-book)
  • “The Easiest Way to Wealth,” compiled by Mabel and Dr. Ihaleakalá
  • “How to Sooth Your Inner Child" with Mary Koehler

Can you imagine:

  • Getting compensated what you are worth in your career?
  • Obtaining wealth and financial freedom?
  • Living a healthier life?
  • Having peaceful, loving relationships?
  • Laughing more?

You will discover you are ALREADY PERFECT.
What is not perfect are the memories and programs that are running automatically and controlling you ALL THE TIME...

VALUE: $397

FREE With Purchase of "The Awakening Course" from:

Amazon | Barnes & Noble

Would you like to turn what you know into some extra income?

Christopher Payne Knowledge Jackpot Program
Christopher Payne and Joe Vitale

Christopher John Payne founded the second largest supplier of personal development products in the UK (second only to Nightingale-Conant UK).

His "Effort-Free Life System" CD set generated millions of dollars in sales worldwide

Have you overcome a major challenge in your life?

Have you read lots of books on self improvement, manifestation, visualisation, and more?

Christopher has created a free ebook called Knowledge Jackpot which explains how you can turn what you know into a steady income stream.

You will also get an invite to an ‘ask any question you want’ live webinar in 7 days time.

“We have known Chris Payne for several years now. Chris shares a similar mission to ours – helping as many people to achieve their highest potential as we possibly can. If you are seeking ways to further your personal development, then give Chris a call.”

– Paul McKenna (3 million sales of I Can Make You Slim, I Can Make You Rich, and others)

VALUE: $47

FREE With Purchase of "The Awakening Course" from:

Amazon | Barnes & Noble

Money From Anywhere...

Nan Akasha

Pat O' Bryan with Joe Vitale & Marlon Sanders

This book will show you, step by step, how to quickly and easily set up and run your own profitable online business and "make money from anywhere."

Best selling author Pat O' Bryan (Your Portable Empire), along with multiple best-seller Dr. Joe Vitale (Attract Money Now), Marlon Sanders (Internet Marketing Superstar), Connie Green (Huge Profits With a Tiny List), and several other Internet Marketing experts have created a road map for you. All you have to do is follow it. If you've been downsized, outsourced, or are just looking to increase your income, this is the book for you.

VALUE: $47

FREE With Purchase of "The Awakening Course" from:

Amazon | Barnes & Noble

The Secret Code of Success - 1st 3 chapters FREE

Nan Akasha

Noah St. John is the inventor of Afformations and bestselling author of The Secret Code of Success. Learn how to stop holding yourself back from the success, wealth and happiness you're capable of.

VALUE: $19

FREE With Purchase of "The Awakening Course" from:

Amazon | Barnes & Noble

HOW TO GET LOTS OF MONEY FOR ANYTHING - FAST! By Stuart Lichtman and Joe Vitale

Nan Akasha

Stuart Lichtman and Joe Vitale - 225 pages.

"I strongly recommend this book. It contains keys to success that will guide you past obstacles you thought were insurmountable. I've known Stuart Lichtman a long time; his material gets people results. If you have big goals and you're looking for that one 'missing piece' to help you achieve them, read this book and put its solid ideas to work for you."

Jack Canfield Co-author of the "Chicken Soup for the Soul®" series and "The Power of Focus"

This book unlocks the power of your unconscious mind - giving you step by step instructions for clearing the mental roadblocks that keep you from attracting abundance, love, health, peace of mind - and much more.

VALUE: $47

FREE With Purchase of "The Awakening Course" from:

Amazon | Barnes & Noble

The Critical (and Most Important) Step Missing in “The Secret” that is Halting Your Success - Sonia Ricotti

Sonia Ricotti - Author of "The Law of Attraction Plain and Simple"

Sonia is the #1 bestselling author of The Law of Attraction Plain and Simple and the president of Lead Out Loud (

In this interview (from the Be Unsinkable Series), Sonia will be sharing something that is crucial to helping you manifest and attract all that you want in life, and also, what it really takes to be unsinkable in life.

You will learn how to bounce back higher than you ever thought possible! Once you hear it, it will all make sense to you!

You won’t want to miss this interview, it could be the call that will transform your life and take you from where you are now, to finally living the life of your dreams!

Audio Download and Transcript Value: $29.95

FREE With Purchase of "The Awakening Course" from:

Amazon | Barnes & Noble

Meet "The One Command" - by Asara Lovejoy

Dina Cramer

Our gift to you, a $179.00 value is yours for free

The One Command EBook and Meet The One Command MP3 program shows you how to access your super intelligence, activate your inherent success DNA, go through the 6-easy steps to theta and while there issue your command.

This is the program that has generated over one million dollars in sales is a simple 6-step process that instantly stops your negative thinking and gets you what you want instead. 

Discover why the spontaneous comment, “This is the missing piece to all the self-help books out there,” is uttered time and time again by those enjoying the success of The One Command.

VALUE: $179

FREE With Purchase of "The Awakening Course" from:

Amazon | Barnes & Noble

Tapping Into an Abundant Year - Audio Program

Nan Akasha

Brad Yates

It is up to you to make this an awesome New Year...

In this audio recording, you will be guided through exercises - using both meridian tapping and relaxing guided imagery - to help you experience even greater personal freedom to start the year in the best way possible.

VALUE: $37

FREE With Purchase of "The Awakening Course" from:

Amazon | Barnes & Noble

Magnetic Manifestation Audio Class

Nan Akasha

Nan Akasha

Imagine if you could flip a switch and suddenly have everything you want coming to you non stop ...would you flip it?

You have such a switch. You are magnetic, and as a magnet, you have certain powers. You can repel or attract.

In this 75+ minute audio class, I open the door for you to enter the magnetic manifestation zone. Using your energy consciously for attracting, receiving and keeping what you desire. You are magnetic already, you can pump up that volume of your inner magnet and you can tune it to what you prefer to attract.


  • What does it mean, to be "magnetic"?
  • How to use affirmations in a powerful way
  • Two powerful Magnetic Wealth Affirmations and how to adapt them to your personal needs
  • Beliefs are magnetic, are yours attracting what you want?
  • Guided journey to magnetic manifestation... and more

By Nan Akasha , CHT Wealth Esteem Coach, Author, Speaker, Healer

VALUE: $47

FREE With Purchase of "The Awakening Course" from:

Amazon | Barnes & Noble

Monetize Your Passion: Follow Your Heart and Create Life’s Ultimate Win-Win-Win

Rich German - Monetize Your Passion

Monetize Your Passion by Rich German is a practical, step-by-step guide to turning your greatest passion into a business that funds the lifestyle of your dreams.

Rich is offering his book for free in an effort to raise money for homeless children in the United States.

VALUE: $19.95

FREE With Purchase of "The Awakening Course" from:

Amazon | Barnes & Noble

End emotional eating and attract the body you desire now.

Marna Goldstein went from a size 14/16 to a size 6/8 and has kept it off for over 14 years

Learn in one hour, more than you have in the past 2 years about how to end emotional eating.

Two free emotional eating tests, audios and access to this one hour audio focused entirely on ending emotional eating.

VALUE: $79

FREE With Purchase of "The Awakening Course" from:

Amazon | Barnes & Noble

"Looking Deeply into Presence" -- Solve Problems, Make Critical Decisions, And Create An Extraordinarily Rich Life

Looking Deeply Into Presence

Looking Deeply into Presence shows you how to harness the miraculous benefits of connecting with Presence. And how to use that connection to facilitate and empower yourself to solve problems, make critical decisions, and create an extraordinarily rich life that you wholeheartedly love

VALUE: $17

FREE With Purchase of "The Awakening Course" from:

Amazon | Barnes & Noble

The HALO Method

The Halo Method

The HALO Method is a revolutionary approach to life that flips off the compulsion switch in your psyche, freeing you from the destructive habits that keep you from being content.

The HALO Method is life changing. I lost 110 pounds, but the HALO Method is NOT about weight loss, it's about living in "Energetic Alignment".

You will learn how I obtained and maintain a sense of inner-peace and personal contentment that is nearly unimaginable.

VALUE: $17

FREE With Purchase of "The Awakening Course" from:

Amazon | Barnes & Noble

Choosing Easy World - Audio Interview

Julia Rogers Hamrick

Julia Rogers Harrick

An inspiring interview with Choosing Easy World author, Julia Rogers Hamrick, about Easy World, the amazing alternate reality where everything is easy, and a downloadable mini-poster that guides you in getting to Easy World.

FREE With Purchase of "The Awakening Course" from:

Amazon | Barnes & Noble

"What You Focus on Grows: Stories for Your Frame of Mind"

A Free Download of Kim’s Ades Book

What You Focus on Grows is an easy, light read.

It’s the kind of book you just flip open to any page and read for the fun of it. It’s quirky, it’s funny, it’s engaging and it will lift your spirits.

It’s a series of short stories about ordinary life events seen through an extraordinary lens. It’s definitely worth a read!

FREE With Purchase of "The Awakening Course" from:

Amazon | Barnes & Noble

Free MP3 Chakra Balancing & Cleansing Guided Meditation

Dina Cramer

Dina Cramer

Stressed out? Constantly tired? No energy? Aches and pains?

Learn to beat stress & anxiety! You will be happier, healthier, more energized and focused!

Download the Chakra Cleansing & Balancing MP3 Right Now! Enjoy the benefits of a balanced life and creative energy flow!

This FREE Meditation REVEALS how you can cleanse yourself from negative emotions and create balance in your life worth $14.99

You will be taken through the entire process with our guided meditation audio MP3!

VALUE: $14.95

FREE With Purchase of "The Awakening Course" from:

Amazon | Barnes & Noble

Path To Inner Wealth (How to Achieve Mental and Spiritual Enrichment)

Dina Cramer

Path to Inner Wealth is a journey that leads to a well-balanced, harmonious existence, in every facet of your life including: mind, body, soul, family and finance.

Not everyone will become financially rich but everyone can achieve Inner Wealth. Life is never a result of coincidence. Everything happens for a reason. There are no accidents in life only pop quizzes.

FREE With Purchase of "The Awakening Course" from:

Amazon | Barnes & Noble

Fast-Track Career Reinvention (recorded webinar)

Dina Cramer

Dee McCrorey

The biggest challenge for people reinventing themselves for the first time is knowing what to expect along the way.

This webinar reveals:

  • How to position yourself if you've spent the last year or two unemployed.
  • How to prepare mentally, emotionally, and physically for developments that can derail your career reinvention efforts if you're not expecting them.
  • Tips on how to take what you've done, what you enjoy, and find a match for yourself in a reinvented world.

VALUE: $35

FREE With Purchase of "The Awakening Course" from:

Amazon | Barnes & Noble

7 Roadblocks to Self Love: Why Liking Yourself May be the Most Important Thing You Do for Your Business

Dina Cramer

Velma Gallant

Self-Love is one of the most important Gifts you can give yourself.

It’s important for your personal life and relationships, but did you know that it is important for your Business Life? In this eBook we cover the top 7 Roadblocks to Self-Love, how they relate to business, what what you can do about them.

VALUE: $27

FREE With Purchase of "The Awakening Course" from:

Amazon | Barnes & Noble

Debbie Allen's Millionaire Entrepreneur Club

Dina Cramer
Dina Cramer

Debbie Allen

You get all of this FREE...

Debbie Allen's 6-Week e-Course - Business Success Secrets Revealed' ($100 Value)

Learn insight tips and secrets to building a wealthy business.

Emails lessons are forwarded to you once each week for six weeks.

Debbie Allen's Fast-Track Audio Download: Attracting Customers Like Crazy' ($25 Value)

Discover 57 Tips to attracting customers fast.

Only 30 minutes of non-stop action items you can implement right away.

Millionaire Entrepreneur Monthly Newsletter (Priceless)

Each month you will receive cutting-edge information to help you grow your business fast. You will also receive information on Debbie's live world tour dates and locations.

Debbie Allen's Wealth Attraction Tele-seminar Series ($100 Value)

Receive free invitations to join Debbie Allen and her wealth attraction experts on powerful online Tele-seminars. You also receive access to free recordings of of each Tele-seminar up to 7 days from event.

Debbie Allen's Famous Business Card Quiz (Priceless)

Access to the quiz will be available to you as part of your 6-week e-course.

This valuable quiz will show you how to instantly improve your business card for dramatic results

VALUE: $200

FREE With Purchase of "The Awakening Course" from:

Amazon | Barnes & Noble

Attracting and Living in Divine Inspiration...You Receive:

Wendy has been a creative entrepreneur for over 25 years and is the creator of the divinely inspired Spiritual Grid Manifestation Technology™ and many other works and is a contributing author to Joe Vitale’s book, Zero Limits.

Opening to Divine Inspiration Technique:

Divine Inspiration Coach Wendy G Young offers you a special audio she developed which will move you from stuckness to divine inspiration. The more you practice this simple technique the closer you are to inspiration.

Open To Divine Inspiration 60 Minute Teleclass:

This is a recording of the 1st class in Wendy's series "Open to Divine Inspiration" that she led last year. You will be led through several processes that will clear worry, procrastination, fear and many other limiting beliefs.

The Art of Living in Divine Inspiration Receive:

Wendy's inspirational writings to discover for yourself the joys of leading a divinely inspired life and tips to get there!

VALUE: $128

FREE With Purchase of "The Awakening Course" from:

Amazon | Barnes & Noble

Celebrity Hypnotist, Dr. Scott Lewis' "Stress Vanisher" to Remain Calm, Cool and Collected Under Any Situation

Celebrity Hypnotist, Dr. Scott Lewis' most relaxing self-hypnosis program that utilizes a simple yet powerful acupressure point to enhance relaxation.

This program has been used around the world to rapidly induce relaxation, eliminate stress, control anxiety, enhance sleep, control pan, remain calm under any pressure situation and much more.

VALUE: $59

FREE With Purchase of "The Awakening Course" from:

Amazon | Barnes & Noble

Change Your Attitude...Change Your Life: 24/seven - FREE 12 Month Subscription

24/seven digital-magazine provides readers with the tools needed for personal growth and self-empowerment.

Each month, nationally-recognized experts and leaders in their field provide practical advice in areas such as spirituality, self-help, personal finance, health and business. The approach is holistic, incorporating body, mind and spirit.

With a holistic approach to life, you can make healthy and smart choices on a daily basis.

FREE With Purchase of "The Awakening Course" from:

Amazon | Barnes & Noble

Write Your Entire Book In a Couple of Days … Are You KIDDING Me?!

Peggy McColl - The Best Seller Maker

Peggy McColl - The Best Seller Maker

This FREE Info-Packed Training Seminar Reveals New York Times Best Selling Author Peggy McColl's Simple Step-By-Step Plan to Write Your Book In Record Time.

These powerful strategies helped her write a whole book – her eighth! – in just one weekend … and still do the grocery shopping and visit with relatives!

VALUE: Priceless

FREE With Purchase of "The Awakening Course" from:

Amazon | Barnes & Noble

The Divine Connection: Becoming ONE with Source

Peggy McColl - The Best Seller Maker

Christiana Molinari

This “White Paper” addresses the importance of being connected to the Divine, becoming ONE with the Source of all that is and how that connection and understanding of how it works can provide you with a full and abundant life.

How being in the Flow of creation will allow you to attract or manifest everything you want and need to sustain your life and live it with out stress, knowing that when something leaves your life, something even better is on the way as long as you are ready and willing to receive it.

VALUE: $47

FREE With Purchase of "The Awakening Course" from:

Amazon | Barnes & Noble

Make Money Presenting Teleclasses

You Want to:

  • Give Terrific Teleclasses or Teleseminars,
  • Turn Your Teleclasses into Other Great Products,
  • Make More Money, Create Financial Freedom and Relax ... you know:

  • ... how to do the behind the scenes set up for each of your calls?
  • ... what you do first so you don't have to repeat steps?
  • ... and then the right sequence that you follow each time you set up a call?

If you don't, you're throwing away hours of wasted time.

Do you have:

  • ... a checklist you can work through step-by-step?
  • ... my Million-Dollar Rolodex of my most favorite, often-used resources?
  • ... the simple secret to writing copy that wins you subscribers and sales every time?
  • ... the road map that will help you structure your calls so you remember to tell people about your products, and do it without being pushy?

If you don't, your experience setting up your calls will make you crazy and even disappointed and discouraged.

I've created a 1-2-3 system that helps you set up your teleclasses painlessly, A-Z. No more screaming at your computer, wasting time, or skinny bank accounts! Let me give you a hand up. It's easier than you think!

FREE With Purchase of "The Awakening Course" from:

Amazon | Barnes & Noble

SUCCESS REFLECTIONS: Lessons We Learned About Success From Top Celebrities, Entrepreneurs, and Industry Experts

Success Reflections - Interviews With Top Celebrities, Entrepreneurs and Industry Experts

Inspirational and success-oriented television interviews from THE STRIP VIEW LIVE!

Success Talk Show based out of Las Vegas with some of the most notable celebrities, entrepreneurs, and industry experts including...

Movie stars:

Sean Astin ... Daniel "Rudy" Reuttiger ... Dr. Joe Vitale ... Dennis Hopper ... and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.

Musical icons:

Stevie Wonder ... Christina Aguilera ... and Smokey Robinson.

Business moguls:

Donald Trump ... The Kardashians ... Sam Simon (co-creator of The Simpsons) ... and dozens more.

VALUE: $199

FREE With Purchase of "The Awakening Course" from:

Amazon | Barnes & Noble

What would an extra $500 to $5000 of revenue generated part-time mean for you and your family?


- How business partners Krizia and Alexandra learned how to generate $2500 to $5000 per month from one simple blog.

- How you too can create an additional stream of income with the same exact method.

- How women self-sabotage their chances of success because of their self-doubt and self-limitations and what you need to do to avoid this destructive pattern.

Click below for your FREE Special Report -"The #1 Reason Why Women Fail"!

VALUE: $47

FREE With Purchase of "The Awakening Course" from:

Amazon | Barnes & Noble

An Excerpt from "The No Struggle Plan"
By Mathes Jones

If you’ve ever wanted to stop struggling with your weight, body issues, food, or, for that matter, anything else, this hypnotic excerpt from the e-book is a must read.

There IS a way to eliminate the struggle and handle things once and for all, easily and effortlessly, and live your personal best.

VALUE: $29.95

FREE With Purchase of "The Awakening Course" from:

Amazon | Barnes & Noble

2 Positive Thinking Affirmation Screensavers, Affirmations PDF, and More!

Bill King - Author and Speaker

Download Bill's two incredible screensavers and start choosing to stay positive in your thinking today.

Each image in the screensaver contains a positive affirmation to help you achieve maximum results. Also enjoy a PDF of Positve Affirmations to help you get your day started off right.

VALUE: $19.95

FREE With Purchase of "The Awakening Course" from:

Amazon | Barnes & Noble

Afirm-A-Visions™ help you tap your higher consciousness and cultivate a 'State of Awakening' while attracting more abundance into your life.

Affirm-A-Visions™ use an advanced process that combines meditation, affirmations, visualization and powerful brainwave entrainment technology, to help you reprogram your subconscious mind for Awakening and Abundance.

These digital visionboards are so easy to use and you'll be amazed at how quickly you begin to see results... faster and easier than you ever thought possible.

GIFT: Two free Affirm-A-Visions™ ("Meditation" and "Millionaire")

VALUE: $35.90

FREE With Purchase of "The Awakening Course" from:

Amazon | Barnes & Noble

How To Create Successful Relationships - Paul & Layne Cutright

Success Reflections - Interviews With Top Celebrities, Entrepreneurs and Industry Experts

"You're relationships affect every single part of your life and are much too important to leave to chance or luck."

Successful, lasting relationships don't just happen by chance, they are created.

This program and e-course in particular will teach you specific skills and distinctions to help you create extraordinarily successful relationships. Acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in any relationship, personal or business.

You will receive five lessons in all.

1. Develop High Performance Communication Skills

2. Have a Working Knowledge of the 5 Stages

3. Use a Design Model to Create Your Relationships

4. Practice Radical Personal Responsibility

5. Use Your Relationships for Your Conscious Evolution

Each lesson contains simple assignments to help you integrate what you're learning right away.

You also receive access to our "Relationship Savvy Circle of Inspiration Program"

Receive weekly thought provoking, inspirational quotes & practical tips for your relationships to help keep you in the "conversation for relationship success".

Circle of Inspiration

We hope you enjoy the course and we look forward to hearing from you!

VALUE: $125

FREE With Purchase of "The Awakening Course" from:

Amazon | Barnes & Noble

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